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Drumroll Please...

This fall, I'll be attending both the in-person and the virtual portions of the 2023 International Conference on ADHD.  I'm even more excited to announce that at the virtual portion, Alicia Kohls and I will be presenting a science-jargon-made-less-scary talk, "Did You Just Call Me a Dopamine?" ​For more information about the conference, check out the Conference Website.

What do you want to do?

A coach can help you bridge the gap between what you want to do, and what you actually do. 

Coaching is a client-centered, judgment-free process where coach and client partner together to find ways for the client to accomplish goals or make changes to their life. In the case of ADHD or Executive Function coaching, the coach can also provide some information on how some brains function differently, to help the client understand why traditional advice (like "apply yourself" or "get a planner") doesn't work for all brains.

If you become a coaching client, then together we can identify your strengths, and learn how to predict and circumvent any pitfalls along the way. Let's figure out how you can work with your brain, because hopefully it's the only one you've got. ;) 


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