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So what’s coaching?

Coaching is a process where a coach and client talk through the client’s goals or changes they’d like to make, and the coach helps the client to prioritize, set a plan, and predict/respond to potential obstacles. Some areas of coaching combine other elements- for instance, in ADHD/Executive Function coaching, there are also elements of education and skills training. In all cases, however, the client is the one deciding what they want to do and how they want to get there; coaches are there to cut through the overwhelm and ask the right questions, and to help the client set up plans that are likely to actually work.

What are Executive Functions?

Executive Functions are a set of cognitive skills that act as a combination of your manager and your personal assistant. They include inhibition, resistance to distraction, self-awareness, working memory, emotional self-control, and self-motivation. In short, they help us keep track of what we’re doing, manage our focus/effort/reactions, and plan for long-term goals and priorities. People with ADHD really struggle with these skills, although other people can also struggle with (and benefit from help in) these areas.

If I might be interested in coaching, how would that work?

If you decide you’re interested in coaching, click on the "Become a Client" button below and fill out a very brief form. Then we can schedule a time for a zoom/phone chat where you can ask about coaching in more detail, talk to me about what you’re looking for, and we can talk about details like time/cost/etc. If it seems like a good fit to both you and me, we’ll schedule a special first session (the intake session) where we’ll really go in-depth to talk through your goals and challenges, and start to formulate a plan for you. After that, we might be meeting anywhere from 1-2x/week to every other week; we might have short check-in calls/texts/emails; basically, we’ll sort out what we think will be the best way for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish, and go from there. This plan can always change as our understanding of your needs change. All sessions are by zoom or phone (your choice). Some clients work with a coach long-term, while other clients might only want to meet for a few months, depending on what goal(s) they have.

What certifications are you getting?

Coaching is a funny field, because there are no regulations around what it takes to coach. There are a few organizations, though, that have high-level certifications which help ensure quality. The International Coaching Federation is considered the gold standard for coaches in general. I've completed coach training in an ICF-accredited program life-coaching program, and have received my CCA certification. For ADHD Coaching, the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches is the certification body. I’ve received my training from a PAAC-accredited ADHD-specific coaching program (MentorCoach). Now I'm working with clients, completing regular coach-learning opportunities, and (obsessively) learning everything I can about coaching, ADHD, and related areas of study.

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