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A Little About Me...

My goal is to be a kind and empathetic coach who will be both supportive and honest with you during every single session. My specialties are ADHD/Executive Functions and Creativity. If you're not sure what coaching is (or what it isn't), feel free to reach out. I'm happy to talk to you about it, and to talk about whether we might be a good fit, or to refer you to someone else if we're not a good fit. 

I'm a lifelong nerd. I pass among various obsessions ranging from rock collecting to singing to playing DnD (and more). As a kid I was "smart and eager to please, but unable to stay focused or organized"- if you believe every single teacher I ever had. Even though I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, I really had no idea what it meant until I was in graduate school and an article landed in my inbox about adult women with ADHD. Read it, I was reduced to tears right there in the library. I love being a creative, whimsical person but I had no idea how much of my life was affected by ADHD (spoiler alert: it's every single aspect of my life). I eventually left grad school to pursue dance, in large part because it was so much more compatible with my untreated ADHD.  

Before being a coach, I was (and still am) a blues and swing dance instructor for 15+ years, teaching all levels from first-timer to masters students all over the world. I love that job, but I also want to help people like me, who are struggling despite being passionate, smart, interested people. I have received my CCA certification and have received my training from the PAAC-accredited MentorCoach ADHD Coach Training Program. Now I'm honored to be working with the brilliant coaches at The Center for Living Well with ADHD. If you're interested in becoming a client, reach out- if I'm not currently taking on clients or we're not a good fit, I'm happy to refer you to someone else. 

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